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Onyx Countertops

Of the many stones available for countertops in your home, onyx is probably the most expensive but one of the most beautiful. This type of stone comes in many different colors and shades, all of which are capable of easily fitting into any popular decor. As a softer stone, onyx is considered to be a royal stone that has a very luxurious feel to it, which is why it is such a desired stone for countertops.

Onyx Countertops

Onyx comes in many different colors and shades ranging from the greens to the dark grays and sands. The stone also comes in a unique fire color, which is a blend of red, white, and brown. The many different colors, shades, and patterns of the onyx countertop make it a beautiful addition to any kitchen. And yet, despite the general consensus that on-yx is a beautiful stone it is fairly rare as a countertop material. For home-owners who do not want to settle for the ordinary run of the mill granite, marble or engineered stone countertops there are onyx countertops. Onyx countertops as the name applies are made of onyx, with fire Onyx and Black Onyx being just two amazing Onyx countertop offerings. Black Onyx’s dark color is unique and just as precious as any other stone of-fered. Its properties are just as amazing and just as useful. Onyx was used often among the ancient Greeks and the Romans in their home decoration.

There are several reasons for onyx being such a rare material in countertops. Onyx is a calcareous stone that is formed by dissolving lime-stone and then re-depositing it in a new stone formation. Ultimately formed by dripping water in caves, onyx is a very fragile and very brittle stone. This means that onyx is used only after careful consideration and inspection. An onyx countertop is ultimately held together by a fiberglass plate on the bottom, which should tell you how fragile it is.

Furthermore, onyx is especially sensitive to acidic compounds because the stone is calcium based. Special seals can be applied to the counter-top made of onyx but these seals still do not protect against acid etches. However, because onyx is such a highly sought after stone due to its beauty, the companies that produce the countertops are working to develop solutions to keep the countertops protected.

Such solutions include what is called a fluorocarbon alphatic resin, which is a professional grade cleaner and sealer designed specifically for onyx countertops. These solutions are ultimately designed to protect the fragile stone from harm. Because onyx countertops are so popular the development solutions became a fast paced industry. Another, more aesthetically pleasing, solution is the use of lights underneath the counter-top. Onyx is a very translucent stone which means that light can easily shine through it. Many companies offer light solutions in order to make the onyx appear more brilliant than it actually is. For example, the lights are set underneath the countertop and shine upwards and through the stone. This makes the countertop have a certain kind of glow to it. By adding these lights, the onyx countertop will have an even greater ap-peal to it than normal. Many people choose to put in these extra lights to give the countertop an added element of beauty.

Onyx is considered to be one of the best stones for countertops simply based on its looks. The stone is very beautiful but it is a very rare material for countertops. However, despite the general weakness of the stone and the expensiveness you will get your money’s worth in brilliance and beauty alone.


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